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How does a Boarding House differ from a Hotel in Frankfurt?

As a traveler venturing to Frankfurt, a myriad of accommodation options stand before you. When you type ‘Hotel Frankfurt’ into a search engine, you’re met with a plethora of results, from luxury 5-star hotels to more budget-friendly choices. But have you ever considered a boarding house,
like Couva Boarding House?


A Boardinghouse

is a premier alternative to a traditional hotel in Frankfurt, allowing visitors to stay for extended periods. In this blog, we’ll highlight the differences and advantages of a boarding house over traditional hotels in Frankfurt, using the Couva Boarding House as our prime example.

What is a Boarding House?

A boarding house is a type of long-term accommodation that resembles a home more than a hotel room. In a boarding house, like the Couva Boarding House in Frankfurt, you get fully furnished apartments with kitchen, living area, and bedroom(s). This is particularly beneficial if you’re looking to stay longer in the city, be it for business trips, temporary relocation situations, or an extended vacation.

How does a boarding house differ from a hotel?


While hotel rooms in Frankfurt often consist only of a bedroom and a small bathroom, boarding houses offer much more space. For instance, an apartment in Couva Boarding House includes a separate living area, kitchen, and one or more bedrooms. This means you can enjoy more privacy and comfort in a boarding house.

Amenities and prices

In a Hotel in Frankfurt, you’ll often find only the most basic amenities, like a bed, a TV, and perhaps a small fridge. However, a boarding house like Couva offers much more. The apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. There’s also a living area where you can relax and entertain guests. Some boarding houses even offer additional amenities like laundry facilities and sometimes communal areas.

At first glance, it may seem that a hotel in Frankfurt is cheaper than a boarding house. However, when you look closer, you’ll find that the value for money in a boarding house is often better. Although you pay upfront for the additional amenities and space, when compared to the daily costs of a hotel room, you can save a lot of money on longer stays in a boarding house.

The Couva Boarding House in Frankfurt offers a top-notch accommodation with the comforts of home. It provides various apartment options, all modernly and stylishly furnished. You can choose between one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, depending on your needs and budget.

The apartments at Couva all come with a modern kitchen, equipped with everything you need for cooking. Moreover, there’s a living area and separate bedrooms. For those traveling on business, there’s also a workspace with free WiFi.

The Couva Boarding House is centrally located in Frankfurt, enabling you to explore the city and its attractions with ease. Also, it’s well-connected to public transportation, allowing you to reach other parts of the city and its surroundings without a hitch.

With its mix of comfort, amenities, and value for money, Couva Boarding House offers a premier alternative to traditional hotels in Frankfurt. When planning your next stay in Frankfurt, consider booking an apartment at Couva and experience the difference for yourself.

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Choosing accommodation in Frankfurt need not be restricted to a traditional hotel. Boarding houses, like the Couva Boarding House, offer a great alternative with more space, better amenities, and better value for money, especially for longer stays.



Couva Boarding House City
Große Bockenheimer Str. 17 (Freßgass)
60316 Frankfurt

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Couva Boarding House City
Große Bockenheimer Str. 17 (Freßgass)
60316 Frankfurt


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